Klimek & Wijay divorce lawyers in Perth are able to assist you in making an application for divorce.

How we can help

De Facto Relationships

The point at which a relationship becomes a de facto relationship can be difficult to identify. Klimek & Wijay can offer you advice in relation to the existence and breakdown of de facto relationships.

How we can help

Child & Parenting Issues

Klimek & Wijay can assist you in reaching a child focused agreement in the best interests of your child or children.

How we can help

Child Support

Our Klimek & Wijay family lawyers in Perth can help you understand your child support obligations and advise you whether an application should be made to alter the amount of child support payable.

How we can help

Spousal & Partner Maintenance

Klimek & Wijay can help you restore the power imbalance by ensuring that your reasonable needs are met through the payment of spousal/partner maintenance.

How we can help

Financial Agreements

Klimek & Wijay can assist to ensure that your agreement is legally binding and correctly sets out your intentions so to reduce the likelihood of any dispute in the event of separation.

How we can help

Property Settlement

At Klimek & Wijay, our family and property settlement lawyers in Perth can advise of your likely entitlements and our team are always focused on reaching a fair settlement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How we can help

Restraining Orders

Whether you are trying to defend or uphold a Restraining Order, Klimek & Wijay can offer you advice and representation to ensure that you achieve the right outcome.

How we can help

Our Process

While family law matters can be emotionally draining, our approach is designed to minimise stress and simplify the process.

Pre Action Procedures

We assist you to explore options for resolution without litigation, and narrow the scope of issues in dispute.


This is a valuable opportunity for you to settle your matter out of trial with the assistance of a mediator.

Final Trial

Our experienced lawyers will striveto secure you the right outcome through Court proceedings.